Our Products


This is a portal where various companies, small businesses, organisations and individuals ("the provider") can offer their clients/customers/members/subscribers/etc ("the client") the ability to make online bookings for their facilities/services/events/etc ("the service"). The bookings can be validated directly against the provider`s database and the booking can be confirmed immediately to the client or alternatively the bookings can be downloaded by the provider in a variety of different file formats for subsequent in-house validation and confirmation by the provider. If the provider does not have its own client and services database, the provider has the option to use our central client and services database for this purpose. Additional facilities provided by the website include the ability for the client to maintain certain of his/her information and the ability for the client to query his/her balance (if applicable). Apps for Android and iOS devices are available on the relevant app store. The cost to the provider of using this website will be per usage but will be subject to a (low) minimum monthly fee.


SoSpecial is an app for the listing and suggesting of deals or special offers on the goods and/or services from a variety of providers.

A registered user of the app will be able to do the following:

  • View and filter the providers offering the deals.
  • View, filter and give feedback on the special offers.
  • View, filter and give feedback on the offers available on the user's birthday.
  • Suggest special offers experienced and not currently listed.
  • View or select on a map the place(s) where a special offer is available.
  • Change current country to view the providers and special offers in that country.
  • Configure and get push notifications of new offers when they become available and daily notifications of offers available on that day.


This Windows application allows you to control certain lights, devices and appliances around your home by switching them on or off or by dimming them at selected times as determined by a schedule maintained by the application. The application also accepts inputs of environmental conditions from automated weather stations, which provides an additional level of control when deciding whether a device must be switched on or not. Currently, the application provides for control of devices using both X10 and Z-Wave technologies. X10 technology uses the electrical wiring in your home to send commands to devices via a controller which is attached to your desktop/notebook/laptop computer via the serial or USB ports. Z-Wave uses wireless transmission to communicate between the controller "dongle" and the controlled devices. In future, however, it is forecast that household appliances will become more "intelligent" and will be capable of communicating wirelessly with one another or with a central computer. As these new technologies are introduced, our application will be enhanced to talk to these devices so that they may be controlled in a similar fashion to that which is done presently. The application also makes provision for control of devices remotely via the Internet.

Partners willing to help us with the hardware components of the application are welcome to contact us.